Freshman Biology Project

  1. First tweet to kick off the project. Monumental moment.
  2. @MachoCyto Abnormalities in cytoskeletal proteins can lead to cardiovascular disease syndromes, cancer invasions, and more #notsomachonow
  3. Second tweet is all about the alerting the public regarding the dangers of a fellow organelle: the cytoskeleton. Yikes.
  4. Just letting the public know about one of our many helpful contributions in their lives.
  5. Sometimes the truth is painful to hear, but the ER will never deceive you.
  6. Rough ER - housing ribosomes because we care about the future of your cells #PhilanthropicCommunityService
  7. The ER is always willing to lend a helping hand.
  8. Without the Endo-Retic, everyone would be a "He/She" http://pic.twitter.com/3meKN89n
    Without the Endo-Retic, everyone would be a "He/She" pic.twitter.com/3meKN89nom/3meKN89n
  9. Just enlightening the public about another one of the ER's many great qualities.
  10. Tight breath? Chronic cough? It may be that not-so-mighty mitochondria acting up #votereticulum2012 #organellewars
  11. Your mitochondria may be causing more harm than they let on. No worries, the ER is here to keep you in the loop.
  12. Intercellular Junctions- sharing? Not so caring when it leads to various cardiac arrhythmias #votereticulum2012 #organellewars
  13. Dear Intercellular Junctions,        Did you honestly think you could get away with deluding the voters?        They deserve better.                                                Sincerely,                                      Keeping You Honest (ER)
  14. @FunnyJunc our time together was fun, but I'm #married now. I don't think I could forgive you for what you do w/those mutated cancer cells
  15. A fun way to casually smear another organelle. 
  16. Do you see how charitable the ER is?
  17. Obama and Romney ain't got nothing on the ER! Will they detoxify your liver for you? #DidntThinkSo ;) #votereticulum2012 #organellewars
  18. Oh, just the ER being cheeky.
  19. Letting the class know who to vote for.
  20. Voting for is in session! Happy #organellewars and may the odds be ever in your favor. #votereticulum2012
  21. Sending out friendly vibes to fellow organelles.
  22. In a bit of a surprise, the ER wins the 1st period vote, w/ribosomes & mitochondria tying for 2nd place! #organellewars
  23. As #organellewars comes to a close, poll results are posted online. Guess who gets the gold?