#NetIKX65, When space matters (for collaboration, innovation and knowledge transfer)

Seminar held 28 January 2014. Speaker: Paul J Corney. Find out more about further NetIKX seminars at www.netikx.org.


  1. All organisations have a desire to become more efficient, more productive, more innovative and more adaptable to change. So why do many organisations still struggle to make the required changes? 

    More than a decade ago space design was considered a key part of providing an environment that encouraged collaboration and knowledge sharing.  While Paul Corney and his colleagues at Sparknow were exhibiting a garden shed among the technology vendors at KM Europe Brussels in 1998  to illustrate the importance of quiet and reflection spaces, others were busily creating 'library cafes and open space areas in their offices. 15 years later what has changed? What are organisations doing today and, looking back a decade, what are some of the stories that might inform our current thinking?