#NetIKX64, Knowledge organisation - past present and future

Speakers: David Skyrme and Danny Budzak. Find out more about further NetIKX seminars at www.netikx.org.


  1. This year NetIKX celebrates its 21st birthday.  It began in 1992 as the IRM Network, which grew out of a series of seminars at Aslib.  In 2003 it became KIMNET (Knowledge and Information Management Network), and in 2006 NetIKX was established as a fully independent network.  It seemed fitting, for our final seminar of the year, to choose a topic which has always been at the heart of our activities.
  2. Danny is currently a Senior Information Manager at the London Legacy Development Corporation, where he is responsible for information governance, information management, records management, FOI, Data Protection and improving information management across the organisation.

    The London Legacy Development Corporation is the public sector, not-for-profit organisation responsible for the long-term planning, development, management and maintenance of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its facilities after the London 2012 Olympic Games.. 
  3. Speaker profile: Danny Budzak has been working with digital technologies for over 25 years. He started off in a library, then began to build video-text systems using a unix based application. From there he became one of the UK’s first local authority web editors and won a New Statesman New Media award 1999.

    He helped create the generic information architecture for local authority websites. He has developed classification systems, a successfully local history website, managed document management systems and created an information governance toolkit which was used by almost 100 local authorities. He worked on the Whole System Demonstrator project to assess data sharing in the NHS. A couple of years ago he helped with the transfer of around 7 million electronic files from one organisation to another, including several hundred mailboxes and the contents of several databases.

    Danny is absorbed and frustrated by technologies in equal measure; he has no wish for a smartphone, but can’t be without his netbook. He is fascinated by the culture implications of technologies and the organisational culture of working environments. As an antidote to all of this, he is currently reading his way through the history of the 17th and 18th centuries.

  4. Speaker profile: David Skyrme has come out of retirement to deliver his talk. For several years he was on the committee of NetIKX's forerunner, the Aslib IRM group, and he has talked to us on several previous occasions. As well as his consulting work he has published widely and his website continues to be a useful resource for KM professionals (skyrme.com).