#NetIKX61, Managing change

Speakers: Lesley Trenner, Change Coach, and Janet Kaul, Knowledge Officer, NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre, Find out more about further NetIKX seminars at www.netikx.org.


  1. Janet Kaul is a native Californian who has spent over 20 years writing and structuring information so that it gets to users fast and efficiently. She has degrees in English, Library and Information Science and Anthropology. She moved to England eight years ago after marrying a Brit and managed a branch library in Doncaster for three years before escaping to manage knowledge for the NHS. Janet is a Knowledge Officer in the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre, where she currently runs several internal websites - including an online community and library - and helps to manage the external website and publications. 

    She drew upon her substantial experience to look at the issues involved in introducing and managing online communities including how, when where and why to use them. 
  2. Lesley Trenner discussed “Why Change doesn’t ‘just happen’, however good the idea is…”.  Lesley is an experienced, results-focused 'Change Coach' with an impressive record of managing change in the Pharmaceutical Industry, IT and Information Management. She was a Business Change and Training consultant at GlaxoSmithKline for for 21 years, trained as a Leadership coach and now coaches individuals who are experiencing or implementing organisational change. 

    Lesley has a PhD in Information Science from University College, London: Criteria for User-Friendliness in Online Information Retrieval Systems. She was editor of ''The Politics of Usability' (Springer Verlag), which focuses on how organisations can change from 'installing solutions' to designing and implementing information systems that are easy to use and really match user needs.