NetIKX#58 Maximizing knowledge - – sharing information conversationally through podcasts and social media

Helen Clegg told the NetIKX (Network for Information and Knowledge Exchange, the story of how she and her team set out to create podcasts at A.T. Kearney, without a specific budget or indeed, initially, corporate authority. Five years ago, Helen, then working with Susan Montgomery, began to explore the possibility of creating a series of podcasts to share information and knowledge within the company. They wanted to challenge the status quo of knowledge transfer being synonymous only with documents. For them, a podcast was just as viable a channel for sharing knowledge as was a document, whatever its actual form or physical format. They decided to create their first edition on “Sourcing business travel”. Today, the ATK podcast series numbers over 90 podcasts and attracts between 3000-4000 hits/month. ATK podcasts are now available on a number of external websites and syndicated through iTunes and YouTube. Find out more about further NetIKX seminars at


  1. Many thanks to Helen and all the tweeters.
  2. Don't be afraid to try new ideas because you might fail - otherwise you'll never innovate either!
  3. Audio content can be very useful for getting a quick overview of a topic whilst on the go.
  4. And the seminar begins!