Farewell, StateImpact Idaho

StateImpact Idaho signed off this week after nearly two years reporting on the state's economy and policy. These are some of the well-wishes we received on social media.


  1. Your reporting will be greatly missed!
  2. Excellent work about things that really matter. Looking forward to your next endeavor.
  3. Sooooo sad. You all did really great work and I appreciate your excellent reporting. Thank you.
  4. Finding coverage that is interesting, relevant to the state and makes an effort to be factual is very rare. Sad to hear this!
  5. Very sorry to see the end of this series.
  6. Thanks for doing such a great job. A salute from one StatImpact team to another. It's been a pleasure working with you!
  7. Why the sudden departure? You will be missed.
  8. NOOOOO!!! from one reporter in Idaho to another, you guys have been nothing short of phenomenal! stellar reporting, extensive, factual, and just outright perfect. it was very apparent you guys put a ton of time and effort into each story. we'll miss you so much!
  9. Thanks for your service to the state.
  10. Thanks for doing this fantastic series.
  11. Reporters all. Thanks for doing the news.