U.S National Food Day, the road to a healthy lifestyle

People from around the US come to enjoy the celebration of various types of food at the annual national food day. BE HEALTHY.


  1. What is wrong with YOUR culinary habits?

  2. The excitement mounts, as everyone prepares for national Food Day in every way.

  3. Time to change culinary habits and strive towards a healthy alimentation!

  4. National Food Day is not only for the people who can afford it, come help people in need and donate some food so everyone can enjoy the celebration!

  5. Healthy food, or home grown vegetables on well kept farms.

  6. Let's all honor our farmers who strive to provide us with healthy, tasty food, come contribute to the salad picking for a day!

  7. Happiness all around...

  8. Freshly picked apples, come taste the difference!

  9. Check out the values of hard working farmers, their job is far from easy, and their dedication and passion for their work is admirable. FARMERS ARE HEROES.

  10. Get involved in you society, and shine the truth on the food you eat, how to strive to sustainability, is it possible? Come and participate in the debate/discussion session to share you views on today's society's alimentary habits.
  11. Even the kids are involved in Food Day, making and tasting healthy foods. The younger they get involved, the better. Healthy eating habits need to start YOUNG!

  12. It's food day, try a healthy, unusual recipe for once, and offer you taste-buds a trip down memory lane!