The Great Utah ShakeOut 2012

Some 900,000 Utahns took part in the state’s largest earthquake drill. Here's a taste of the experiences they shared.

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  1. So proud of my son. As soon as the alarm went off for the earthquake drill, he was the first one to get under the chair and hold on. And it was at a dr office
  2. Great video for Utah earthquake shakeout. I love the idea they are going to do this every year. I had a meeting with my family last night. There is so much to know. Tiler, and Allix. here is the video.xoxo Love Mom
  3. Do you have photos from your work, home, school or church participating in the Great Utah Shakeout Drill? Post them on our Cert Facebook page:!/pages/Weber-County-CERT-Community-Emergency-Response-Team/221652904533643 
  4. how can the school expect me to go to Kindergarten orientation when there's an earthquake? :) I am trying to really get into this drill thing. And to finish this drill I will go to Costco, everyone goes to Costco when there's an earthquake. There's where the food is.
  5. Mayor Corroon takes cover for the #Utah #shakeout
  6. My view while operating the 1 person Davis County SIMCELL today. #shakeout