New designs for a Hawrelak beach

City hall released new plans for a $5-million wading pool and beach at Hawrelak park Thursday.

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  1. Here's a sketch of what's being proposed. This is an view from above the lake looking northeast toward the main parking lot. The wading pool would be separated from the lake by boulders and greenery so that they city doesn't have to worry about cross contamination.
  2. Read more details about the project in this Edmonton Journal article:
  3. Here's another image of the location in the park, shown in relation to the park pavilion.
  4. For the curious, here's the beach location the city administration didn't support. The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues was pushing to have a water feature beside the playground since children will already be there. The feature would have supported their 100 anniversary plaza and stream upgrades.
  5. So what do people think of the design by the lake? It sparked a lot of debate on the Journal Facebook page.

    Felicia Gow said, "I like it but i'll probably still escape the city as much as possible in the few summer months we have to go to a legit lake."
    Katelyn M Sherret warned, "There'll be a lot of duck poop there."
    And others had similar concerns. 
    Linda Lea Sear said, "God knows I for one would love the idea of being able to lay on a beach right here in Edmonton, but I think Katelyn is right- there's SO many ducks, seagulls, Canadian geese that really like to hang around and swim there in the water, so because of that, I don't see how the idea could 'fly'."

    On Twitter, critics talked about the cost and how short Edmonton summers are.
  6. There are also many people who love the idea.

    Pamella Heikel Said said, "Awesome! Feels like Europe!" and Sandi Prinse said, "Sweet! I want a beach in our city! Bet lots of people will use it."
    Greg Nicholson said, "Public recreational facilities are NOT a waste of money. They improve the city for all Edmontonians. My only concern, as with others, is water quality and parking."
    Jerry Elless had a quick answer for those worried about water quality. "People it is a swimming pool so all the health issues we be adhered to and when you operate a public pool you have to follow the rules of capital health. I love the idea of this swimming pool but my concern is over crowding and parking."

    There were a lot of fans on twitter.