Chilling out? Edmonton reacts to the first winter snow

The first snow flakes of the year came as a shock Oct. 10, in a city that frequently doesn't see snow until after Halloween.


  1. Rain changed to snow around 7 a.m. Wednesday, just in time to for the morning commute. Here are a series of posts from local Edmontonians reacting to the fluffy flakes on Twitter.
  2. The words #yegwx and #yegweather are common hashtags used to discuss weather in Edmonton.
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  4. While the snow brings thoughts of skiing, one could imagine it wasn't exactly what the Wildrose BBQ organizers were hoping for. (This tweet is from the Calgary Herald's provincial affairs reporter).
  5. Meanwhile, a number of people decided to quite grumbling and just embrace it the winter.
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  7. Meanwhile, at City Hall, staff working on the Winter City Strategy, are trying to convince more people celebrate this annual change in temperature.

    Edmonton's poet laureate Anna Marie Sewell has come up with a poem for the effort: (sing this to the tune of "My Favourite things")

    Sun Traps and windbreaks!
    And coatchecks in mallways
    Wooden park benches and cross country ski ways
    Senior- safe sidewalks, and smooth skating rinks
    These are a few of our dreamed about things …

    Click here for the full poem.
  8. More on Edmonton's winter city strategy: