A quick tour of Jasper Place library branch

The branch opens Feb. 25, 2013. Watch for my article on the new branch and the Edmonton Public Library's commitment to interesting architecture running this weekend at edmontonjournal.com.

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  1. That's Kevin Kramers, Edmonton Public Library director of facilities and operations, in the foreground. He gave me a tour of the facility Friday.
  2. You can see the extra bright lights on the wall shinning into the camera. They'll be turned upward before the opening and banked off the ceiling to give a quiet ambient light.
  3. They will still be adding a series of wooden fins across part of this window to further control how much sunlight enters.
  4. The community room will have a capacity of 60, and be open for library programs and community meetings, such as a soccer association.
  5. Note the pink light by the entrance. It's "EPL pink," to incorporate their branding. Sorry, but I'm not sure I'm such a big fan of that (although officially, this reporter of course doesn't have an opinion).
  6. For those who are curious, Michael Dub is Gene Dub's son. His mother and sister are also architects. The architecture firms of the project were local Dub Architects and Hughes Cordon Marler Architects out of Vancouver.
  7. The library will have more parking, and 4,000 more square feet than the former building located on the same site.
  8. The finished building is supposed to have 22 computers, plus a laptop bank for those who want to bring their own.
  9. It's south-facing, but sheltered by the elm tree and the roof overhang.
  10. The thermal break is important to stop the solid concrete slab from conducting heat outdoors in the winter. They used a fairly new German product made of steel rebar and stiff insulation to maintain the strength and structure of the concrete.