A wave of #OceanOptimism hits World Oceans Day!

This year on World Oceans Day, the Twittersphere ditched doom and gloom and instead shared their positive and inspiring ocean stories using the #oceanoptimism hashtag.

byElisabeth Whitebread438 Views
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  1. World Oceans Day has been celebrated on 8th June every year since 1992, in recent years becoming a major event in the marine conservation calendar. However, like most communications around marine conservation issues, oftentimes the stories that people and organisations share on the day itself can be pretty gloomy. So this year, a group of conservationists, scientists and communicators decided to try and do things a little differently....
  2. In the run up to the big day, a few in-the-know individuals and organisations trailed the #oceanoptimism hashtag and encouraged others to share their good news stories for our seas.
  3. Then on World Oceans Day itself, the tweets really came in thick and fast!
  4. Loads of organisations were keen to share the amazing things that they are doing:
  5. Others had ideas for ways that everybody can take positive action to help protect our seas:
  6. And there were some amazing stories about how the ocean and the creatures that call it home are making a comeback around the world:
  7. Plus lots of blogs and articles:
  8. But most people just wanted to share their love of our  blue planet. And that's what #oceanoptimism is all about!