Indie Train Jam 2014

A game jam in the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco


  1. - Updated regularly by @ElineMuijres - The train jam is organized by Adriel Wallick (@MsMinotaur). The official Twitter account for the jam is @IndieTrainJam.
  2. Train Jam is finally here! I'll update this page so people outside know what's going on at the train jam. We have limited WiFi available though, so there might be delays. Here's the official hashtag:
  3. There was a Train Jam meeting on Wednesday night, where jammers could meet each other, plus there were some local Chicago developers as well saying hi and giving support! I heard some jammers were starting to get a feeling of 'what have I gotten myself into'... But there was also much excitement.
  4. Not everyone had made it to Chicago yet, though.
  5. It was good to see that there were lots of excited outsiders as well!
  6. Meanwhile, currency on the Train Jam has changed from money to snacks like stroopwafels and timtams.
  7. We gather in the Metro & Deli Sports bar at Chicago Union station. There's nice food, more people to meet and Adriel announces the theme, which is...