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@Jack + Vine = Selfies

Twitter co-founder @Jack Dorsey is excited about Vine's update that gives users the ability to access their front-facing camera. Oh, don't take my word for it, take @Jack's Vines. (I've started to add Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman's Vines to the list, as he seems to be going one-for-one with Dorsey.)


  1. Tracking these babies is a full-time job nowadays. Did you know people have started calling this meme "Dorseying"? True story.
  2. Fans sent Dorsey this convertible Vine-selfie:
  3. heading to maker faire with our best @jack impressions
  4. Stop following me.
  5. Square stand, at Blue Bottle Mint.
  6. This week, I thought I'd get in on the selfie-taking game:
  7. Summoning my inner Jack Dorsey at CNBC HQ.
  8. Expect the unexpected, Dorsey tweets:
  9. Josh Miller's post on Vine