Android Apps Accessing Your Microphone and Camera Without Confirmation?

I'm seeing a couple of people this morning complaining about Android applications, namely Facebook and Google Search, accessing their microphones and camera at any point without any confirmation needed, if they were to download the newest version of these apps.

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  1. @EliLanger new facebook update says it can record audio..take pics/video at any time w/o confirmation??
  2. Abie Dweck tweeted the above screenshot to me, saying, "New Facebook update says it can record audio... take pics/video at any time w/o confirmation?"

    Curious as to what Facebook's application wanted with his hardware controls, Dweck clicked on the "new section" below before blindly accepting the new permissions. It was then where the application said it could "record audio at any time without your confirmation" and "use the camera at any time without your confirmation."
  3. Screenshot_2013-05-10-10-21-18(1).png
  4. Is Facebook serious? Is this a Google issue? It doesn't state on the opening screen that this is what it is doing, but rather, folks have to click-through to see that the app will be given such access.

    This reminds of Twitter's gaffe back in February 2012, where it didn't explicitly disclose that the Twitter app downloads and stores user address books.
  5. While Facebook does state here that it'll be able to access your camera and microphone without confirmation at any time, it doesn't say so on the initial screen, where users have the choice to push "Accept."
  6. Jake Langbecker says the issue may be with Google's permission languages:
  7. Either way, something needs to be fixed somewhere.