Find out WHY they want my Storify account shut down

A very well organised, political group of people desperately want my account closed down, because it is embarrassing for them. The preposterous smears of 'stalking' and 'harassment' are a tactic to scare me. I collate public tweets, the text of which persist even when deleted from Twitter.

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  1. Why? This sums it up nicely: 

  2. People have written to Doctor Christian Jessen, as well as Graham Linehan, to insist I am a "stalker" and they should immediately stop linking to my stories. 
  3. Examples of stories

    1. Malala, the girl who was shot by the Taliban, is taking attention away from armchair slacktivists? 
  4. 2. JudeInLondon's obnoxiousness towards feminist writer Helen Lewis 

  5. It's a carbon copy of the Story that Helen Lewis was pressured into deleting. I reproduced it as a public service. 
  6. "I'm not your field nigger"

  7. 3. DoctorChristian

    vs the keyboard "feminists" who invent rape stories to smear their chosen targets

  8. Again, we meet the delightful @JudeInLondon:

  9. ---------------------

    5. "The Block Bot"

    They got my Twitter account suspended by recruiting hundreds of tech illiterate people to give OAuth access to their accounts. They flagged as spam, scores of accounts of (polite and upstanding) people that disagreed with them. BBC Newsnight were extremely negligent in their fact-checking, and are still dragging their feet to this day.