1. Even I wasn't aware that 'queer' had a special definition used by a tiny group of "feminists". They are so insular that they do not realise that the world at large doesn't know their jargon. 

    What does the 'Queer' mean? Survey says..

    If you surveyed 100 people in London right now, I would bet that this is what people would say:
    99 - gay [offensive]
    1 - peculiar
    0 - the Josh/skepchick/social justice warrior definition

    When I was finally made aware of the third definition of 'queer', it was through 'word of mouth', on twitter. I didn't see it in a dictionary or a website.  
    I watch loads of British & American TV. 
    I am familiar with many dialects, including Geordie, Cockney, Scouse and Australian. (In Oz, 'thongs' are flip-flops, not frilly knickers)