News, new media, and the 'birth' of a 'joke'


  1. President Obama's team tweeted back minutes after the speech.
  2. The speech snippet was immediately posted on youtube:

  3. And seconds later, the media were unleashed.

    From press releases from local politicians like U.S. Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI):

    "Gov. Romney's far rightward march continues. His comments help give re-birth to the birther movement and make it clear he continues to attach himself to the most extreme positions in his party. With every step he takes down this radical path he is on, he's only further distancing himself from the American electorate."

    To the blogs:

  4. -
  5. To the politicos [taken from a "progressive blog" that says it "corrects conservative misinformation"]:
  6. To the talkshows
  7. RNC On Mitt's Birth Certificate Joke: 'He Was Stating A Fact'
  8. And on to the twitterverse and Facebook:
  9. -
  10. Incorporating past controversies to the mix.