The World According to Warlick

Tweets from America's point man for the BSA


  1. As some of you are at least passingly aware, there's stuff going on in Afghanistan. Super important stuff, like Bilateral Security Agreements. In the interest of ensuring that these sorts of talks go smoothly, our man in Afghanistan is Ambassador James Warlick. Fortunately for us, he has fully embraced the power of the Twitter, and has put together some thoughts on a wide range of topics about the graveyard of common sense. The best (selected using an arbitrary system too complex for me to explain here) are collected below.

    First up is what is billed as a "Q & A" with the Ambassador. I see a lot of "Q," not a lot of "A," but then again it's probably one of those ethereal State Department things I'll never fully understand.
  2. Warlick's tweets are full of Kabul travel tips, though, and reminders of the struggles he faces every day.
  3. Fortunately, for all the dangers, there are the perks:
  4. And why would you want to fly on your own private jet? To avoid the...zoo. Naturally.
  5. And when he says "zoo," he doesn't mean that in a derogatory way. Not at all.
  6. Yes. A busy place full of Afghans. Fortunately just outside the "zoo," there are signs of hope.
  7. In fact, it's so nice, he tweeted it twice.
  8. I'm guessing "Traditional Afghan Man" there isn't listening to the rock and roll, but still.

    Some more highlights of "Travels with Warlick":
  9. 'cuz nothing says "progress" quite like a door gunner.
  10. Truly the best way to see this country...from 30,000 feet.
  11. We do want that. And Afghans probably want a reliable public transportation system. And better roads.

    If you're in Afghanistan, though, you must take care of shopping.