NY Magazine Reporter, Jesse Singal


  1. The art of the concern troll: be very, very, very concerned over another concern troll who's terribly concerned because a midwife association became language-inclusive of pregnant trans men:
  2. Also, I guess we're just going to pretend that #protransprochoice isn't a thing because language on forms is terribly, awfully, horribly oppressive when it doesn't erase the existence of trans men. But, at least the NY Magazine reporter knows when they've made a misstep:
  3. But, the NY Magazine author knows that autogynephilia is a thing and is terribly, awfully concerned with how poor Dr. Ray Blanchard was repudiated:
  4. One thing they know is that the NYer Magazine is the best place to learn about "trans politics:"
  5. And, of course, they know what's really getting under the skins of trans people who roll their eyes at Blanchard's unfalsifiable fact claims about autogynephilia:
  6. And, after calling out "trans activists" for their apparent conspiracy to somehow (it's never really clear) force CAMH to fire Dr. Zucker, Singal is terribly concerned that callout culture is going to eat itself.
  7. And when Singal is writing a longform retrospective for the NY Magazine about the way trans activists forced CAMH to restructure, they know it's not important to discuss the historical context of the CAMH situation from a trans activist perspective: