#PMChat Another Open Mic! Aug 16th 2013


  1. This recap is presented by PDU Of The Day and compiled by Martin Chernenkoff. Martin, known as @EdmontonPM on Twitter, is the editor of pduOTD.com – PDU Of The Day. The website highlights Professional Development Opportunities for PMs, BAs & Agile Professionals.
    To meet more of the great PMOTs (Project Managers on Twitter) who make #pmchat a lively and engaging discussion of Project Management topics – Robert Kelly, Rob Prinzo and others, read the pduOTD article #PMChat on Twitter.

  2. A note to the participants & readers

    I rearrange the order of some tweets in order to maintain a conversational flow to the recap and add links to complete the experience. As Twitter is a real time chat sometimes there can be many conversation flows at one time.  This arrangement allows the reader to follow the questions in the sequence they were presented.  The PMOTs  can also go off on a tangent, or respond late to a question or add valuable insight to an earlier tweet.  I hope you enjoy this recap.

    #PMChat is like a world-wide cocktail party - with side chats, side comments. sometimes sarcasm and often inside jokes
  3. An Important Aside:

    If you are a Project Manager, please consider contributing to         
    Charles Smith's Research Project - Understanding Project Manager Identities

    Contact him at: Charles@projectcraft.org.uk, on LinkedIn or on Twitter @CharlesSmithpPrj

    Charles is a Regular here at #PMChat and is an Independent Researcher in Knutsford, UK.

    Understanding Project Manager Identities is Charles research initiative to generate a better understanding of the possibilities for project manager identities – the diverse ways there are of being and acting as a professional in the world of projects.

    "My concern is that mainstream project management thinking acknowledges only one form of identity: the idealized Project Manager applying the tools of the trade in a supposedly ‘objective’ manner to the single end of meeting project requirements.

    An enriched understanding of what it means to be a professional in the project world can in turn enhance the awareness of individuals learning to perform roles and making development and career choices in this field.

    To learn more about this research visit his Research Programme site.  

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