Maximizing Efficiency with Adriana Girdler #PMChat Aug 9th 2013


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    A note to the participants & readers

    I rearrange the order of some tweets in order to maintain a conversational flow to the recap and add links to complete the experience. As Twitter is a real time chat sometimes there can be many conversation flows at one time.  This arrangement allows the reader to follow the questions in the sequence they were presented.  The PMOTs  can also go off on a tangent, or respond late to a question or add valuable insight to an earlier tweet.  I hope you enjoy this recap.

    #PMChat is like a world-wide cocktail party - with side chats, side comments. sometimes sarcasm and often inside jokes
  3. Adriana Girdler, CornerStone Dynamics
  4. More Great Adriana Girdler Links :)

  5. The Pregame Show:

  6. Do you the leave the movie when they start rolling the credits. If so you've missed some great post-credit scenes, called "Stingers" Today's #pmchat stinger features links to Adriana Girdler's:  Working Smarter, Not Harder Video Seriesl

    (Aside: Here's a link to "5 Classic Movie Stingers")
  7. Introductions

  8. Our returning PMOTs - A Special Hello From Our 3 Hosts :)

  9. Our Hosts do their Project Manager 'Happy Dance' :)

    This video was shot in Southern Alberta, not far from EdmontonPM!
  10. Hidden camera in Canada's Kananaskis reveals what wild bears do when they think no one's watching.