Texas Education Budget Cuts 2011-2013

Articles & resources related to the $5.4 billion education budget cut enacted by the Texas legislature for the 2011-2013 biennium. New additions will be made on an ongoing basis and will appear at the top of the list.


  1. The legislature is discussing restoring only 50% of the funding which was cut in the last biennium, in spite of the fact that our economy has recovered and the Economic Stabilization Fund (i.e. "Rainy Day Fund") has $20 billion in it. Published 3/22/13.
  2. When adjusted for inflation, Governor Perry's claim that education spending in Texas has been "phenomenal" doesn't hold water. Published 1/16/13.
  3. Testimony in the current Texas school finance lawsuit points to shortfalls that are occurring due to the legislature's delay of a payment into the next fiscal year. Makes the state's books balance, but not the school districts'. Published 1/7/13.
  4. The article below makes the argument that severe funding cuts in education were made in preparation for Governor Perry's presidential bid. Published 1/6/13.
  5. Expert testimony in the current school finance lawsuit says Texas needs not only to restore previous cuts, but further increase funding if they want schools to meet the goals that have been set for them. Published 10/29/12.
  6. Preliminary data on how budget cuts have affected Texas schools. Published 9/27/12.
  7. Many districts around the state are turning to their citizens to fill the gaps left by state funding cuts. Published 9/17/12.
  8. Conversations about how to spend the education money Texas does have are starting now...Published 9/1/12.
  9. "The newspaper reported that a recent survey of superintendents by the teacher group Texas AFT found that 7 percent of the superintendents expected to increase the size of classes to help control their budgets." Published 8/27/12.
  10. "They also are curious about the role that Gov. Rick Perry will play in the wake of his failed presidential bid, as well as how far to the right the conservatives can go without touching off a counter-reaction from moderate Republicans and the Democratic remnant. Education funding could be the flash point." Published 8/4/12.
  11. The Houston Chronicle writes about the need for school finance reform in Texas. Published 7/14/12.
  12. The non-profit Children at Risk is looking into how many jobs have been lost in Texas K- education and how the impact is being felt by Texas students. Published 5/23/12.
  13. DFW elementary school principal Dr. Jerry Burkett is working hard to educate Texans on the facts regarding education budget cuts. In this blog post, he explains the difference between what candidates are currently SAYING and what they really MEAN. Published 4/25/12 and 4/29/12.