Social Media & Its Impact on Your Future

Tweets and stories relating to social media choices and future prospects. Great conversation starters for continually educating young people on the importance of digital citizenship and digital footprint.


  1. Adults are not immune to making bad social media choices. This man lost a $200,000 per year job.
  2. Former CFO Now Unemployed, on Food Stamps After Viral Video
  3. It's good to see this young man learned from his YouTube mistake and is trying to spread the message to others. It was a costly lesson.
  4. Ten high school seniors accepted to Harvard had their acceptances withdrawn after posting offensive memes in a private Facebook group.
  5. It's not just athletes who need to be careful. How might your teen or college self embarrass your future self?
  6. In case you don't think colleges really track their prospects on social media...
  7. One bad Tweet can be costly...
  8. It appears some students are starting to get the message. We must keep this topic in front of high schoolers, college students, and young adults entering the workforce.
  9. Unfortunately, there are many examples of social media fails to share...
  10. Good advice from the next story:

    South Carolina freshman defensive back Chris Lammons said he got the message in high school and cleaned up his Twitter act, despite what his friends were doing.

    "In the transition from being a little kid to a man, that's the thing you have to do, because when you're growing up, you probably want to get a big time job somewhere and they look back at your Twitter account and they see the things you're putting out," Lammons said.