High-Stakes Standardized Testing in K-12 Education

Items relating to high-stakes standardized testing in K-12 education. This Storify is updated on an ongoing basis.


  1. Have parents finally had enough? Story dated 11/9/14.
  2. A wrong answer on an answer key doesn't seem like such a big deal, until you realize the impact such mistakes can have on the educational futures of students and the careers of their teachers. Story dated 10/8/14.
  3. The Texas legislature is seriously considering reducing the number of standardized tests required for high school graduation during its 2013 session. The new education commissioner hopes they don't reduce it TOO much... Story Dated 2/13/13
  4. A recently retired high school teacher explains what college professors can expect from the first set of students to enter college since the inception of NCLB and now Race to the Top and why it's turned out like it has. Story Dated 2/9/13
  5. The Texas Senate has voted unanimously to end a rule requiring standardized high school end of course (EOC) exams to count as 15% of a student's course average. The House is set to follow. According to this commentary, more reform is needed and is in the works. Article Dated 2/7/13
  6. How much does standardized testing cost Texans? Read the story below and/or watch the video to find out. Story Dated 1/10/13
  7. Texas Education Commissioner on standardized testing. Story Dated 1/10/13.
  8. In a guest post on Diane Ravitch's blog, former teacher Carole Marshall details progress that was made in an under-performing urban high school and the impact that a focus on standardized testing had on the improvements that were put in place. Post Dated 12/27/12
  9. Texans are calling on the state legislature to clarify standardized testing guidelines during the upcoming legislative session in the wake of two years of suspension of existing rules by the Texas Education Agency. Story Dated 11/8/12
  10. For the second year in a row, the Texas Education Commissioner is giving school districts the option to request an exemption from counting standardized high school end-of-course exams as part of students' course grades. A bill filed for the 2013 legislative session would make this requirement optional going forward. Story Dated 11/30/12
  11. The Austin-American Statesman calls for a restoration of reasonableness to the Texas standardized testing system. Story Dated 11/22/12
  12. A superintendent points out serious issues with Race to the Top. Story Dated 10/31/12
  13. Parents in Texas hope to get the attention of legislators and demand standardized testing reform. Story Dated 10/19/12