EdTechSandyK at #EdCampOnline 10-26-13

There was excitement, technical difficulties, and learning. All in a day's adventures for an educator who enjoys connecting and learning online! It was a packed two hours! For more information on EdCamp Online, visit http://edcamponline.weebly.com/.


  1. For the first 30 minutes, we were in a virtual lobby area. There was a big chat stream for everyone to use, and the organizers were able to broadcast information and instructions to us when it was time to start.
  2. We used a special page in the EdCamp Online community in Google+ to suggest session topics and vote them up. It was an awesome process to watch and be part of. People from all over the world collaborating to create a shared professional development experience!
  3. Joyce Valenza proposed a session on creating engagement in online learning. A topic I was very much interested in. It scrolled quickly down the session creation page, though, so I Tweeted a plea to make sure it got created after seeing it had several votes.
  4. The session I most wanted to attend made it! Now, it was time to get in and start learning...
  5. ...but, there were some glitches...
  6. At first, I thought it was just my computer. But then I saw a few Tweets which confirmed I was not alone.
  7. I got in to the session, sort of. My screen was all white. I could hear Joyce, and she could hear me, but I couldn't hear anyone else or see anyone at all.
  8. Just when I thought I might have to give up, I noticed my Android phone was making strange noises I wasn't used to hearing. Took me a moment, but I figured out it had connected to the Google+ hangout where Joyce's conversation was happening! Never mind the computer now!