#techquity: doubting/believing—An Educator Innovator Webinar and Online Discussion

September 24, 2015


  1. About this Webinar and Related Discussion: The influx of digital tools in schools can polarize educators. Whether the devices are student’s prized smartphones stuffed in backpacks and pockets, or shiny new Chromebooks purchased to help a school meet the demands of online standardized tests, debates spring up about screen time, software choices and, importantly, the guiding principles behind the integration of these tools. These debates are signposts of transition for schools, and the claims teachers make about technology’s role in the classroom reveal the creative tension that accompanies this transition.
  2. The webinar and live chat took place on Educator Innovator at  http://educatorinnovator.org/webinars/techquity-doubtingbelieving/  and also on Twitter using the hashtag #techquity.
  3. #techquity: doubting/believing—An Educator Innovator Webinar