2030 Palette Unveiled at Greenbuild

Architecture 2030 offered a sneak peek of its newest tool at the Vision 2020 session at Greenbuild.

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  1. The 2030 Palette, a free, online framework for the design of sustainable and resilient built environments, will be released by Architecture 2030 in February. Francesa Desmarais provided a sneak preview of the site at last week's Vision 2020 session at Greenbuild.
  2. She described what the site would look like and showed attendees how it would function. It will be a highly visual program containing a complete range of planning, infrastructure, and building design strategies and principles, including design-driven renewable energy applications for various climates and cultures that meet or exceed the targets of the 2030 Challenge.
  3. The Palette will be structured as a visual network of interrelated elements. Each element contains a written rule or recommendation, images and graphics representing the physical application of the rule, and more detailed information.
  4. Users will be able to explore region-specific environmental/cultural conditions and optimize design efforts with proven strategies, systems, and actions.
  5. In the future, the tool will be interactive.