A BlackBerry 10 App created in 12 hours

How I created the Animal Sounds app for BlackBerry 10 in half a day...


  1. I originally propose giving myself 24 hours to complete the project. Given that I do no real work in the following 12 hours, this has a bit of truthiness to it.
  2. The plan is to make a simple app of Animal Sounds, where you touch the image of the animal, and you hear a recording of the sound that the animal makes. Nothing too complex. But it also requires me to do a good amount of sound and image editing which is not exactly my strong point.
  3. I started by collecting the raw sounds and images that I would need to put together the app. All of which were CC-0 or CC-By
  4. Preparing the images (so they are all properly sized silhouettes) and editing down the sounds (so they are ~3.5 seconds and at an appropriate volume), are the next steps.
  5. After taking a break, I am four hours into the project and have yet to even start coding...

    Once I start, the basic layout of the app quickly takes shape...
  6. Following another break for dinner (and watching Fringe), I coded up the randomness, that randomly reorders the animals and their background colours every time the app is launched. I than added rotation support (see below), and attached the audio (which is very easy to do in Cascades).
  7. I then created some icons, and added an about page, which was actually fairly complex due to the need to properly credit the sources of all the sounds and images that the project used. In terms of sheer number of components the about page was possibly the most complex part of the app, but using Cascades makes you feel as if every part of the app should be pretty.
  8. Then after a bit of testing, the final version of the app was submitted to BlackBerry AppWorld.