November in the European Ombudsman's Office

A summary of our key activities as captured online. Top story: 20th anniversary of the Institution


  1. In November we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Institution. You can find below highlights from the event we organised in Brussels , as well as the one organised for us by the city of Strasbourg
  2. Emily O' Reilly spoke during the leading technology conference Web Summit in Dublin on what can the EU Institutions can do for the tech industry
  3. Emily O' Reilly and a number of colleagues participated in the interparliamentary seminar on the Ombudsman's Role in a Modern Parliamentary Democracy. Members of national parliaments as we as ombudsman from EU Enlargement countries also attended.
  4. The Committee on Petitions and the Committee Civil Liberties, Justice and Home affairs voted the draft report on Frontex following our Special Report
  5. Meetings and feedback on our cases