RegioStars Awards 2013

The objective of the RegioStars Awards is to identify good practices in regional development and to highlight original and innovative projects which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions. The Award ceremony took place in Brussels on 31/01/2013.

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  1. RegioStars awards Europe’s most innovative and inspiring projects. The 6th annual edition of the Awards attracted a record 149 applications, with 27 highly commended finalists. But 5 of them have outshined the competition: flagship projects of innovation in Porto, the North West of England, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Berlin and Lithuania.
  2. Ceremony Regiostars awards 2013
  3. And the happy winners are ...
  4. Luc VAN DEN BRANDE - Jose NOVAIS BARBOSA - Carlos NEVES - Johannes HAHN
  5. Luc VAN DEN BRANDE - Johannes HAHN - Joanne TURNBULL - Samantha NICHOLSON
  6. Luc VAN DEN BRANDE - Jacek PROTAS - Mr. Tomasz SZAREK - Johannes HAHN
  7. Luc VAN DEN BRANDE - Johannes HAHN - Franziska ZEISIG - Christiane STERNBERG - Johannes HAHN
  8. Luc VAN DEN BRANDE - Danguole MICHELEVICIENE - Ramunas DILBA - Johannes HAHN
  9. Finalists and Winners on stage for a family photo with Commissioner J. Hahn and Jury President L. Van den Brande
  10. Ceremony Regiostars awards 2013
  11. Videos of the winning projects as well as portrait of people using the projects are available on the RegioStars website