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CITIES of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe

More than two thirds of EU citizens live in urban areas – but does policy making in the EU reflect the realities of today's Europe? On the request of Commissioner Hahn, the EC DG Regional and Urban Policy organised an event to debate with key actors and participants around this major challenge.


  1. Setting the scene
  2. To focus the discussions during the two days an Issues Paper as well as a background annex were developped. The paper sets the context and the scope of the debate and also introduces a set of questions for debate, i.e. the why?, what? and how? of an EU urban agenda.
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  3. A big question to launch the debates - Do we need an urban agenda at EU level?
  4. Finding and implementing innovative solutions to tackle the urban issues are of utmost importance as well as strengthening the profile of the urban dimension within EU Policies.
  5. Examples of good practices were presented: