European Week for Safety and Health at Work

Calendar week 43 is not just another page in your calendar! It is when hundreds of awareness-raising events promoting workplace safety and health are taking place across the European Union and beyond.

  1. The European Week for Safety and Health at Work is a highlight of every Healthy Workplaces Campaign, being now the largest of its kind in the world!
  2. Organised by EU-OSHA and its partners, the European Week 2017 had the campaign theme at its heart, and the activities were focused on raising awareness of the importance of a sustainable working life.
  3. There were so many different activities organised Europe-wide to celebrate the European Week!
  4. EU-OSHA's Focal Points were also extremely busy during the Week.
  5. Can you believe that over 40 Healthy Workplaces Campaign events were taking place in Spain?
  6. Various interesting initiatives were also taking place in Italy.
  7. Enterprises and organisations set up information stands distributing Healthy Workplaces Campaign materials and promoting the European Week.
  8. Many companies, organisations, institutions and individuals were sharing across the social media platforms their commitment and support.
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