How the EU helped build the ambition coalition

How developing countries and the EU built the alliance that changed the COP. Tweet by tweet.


  1. 20 January, Brussels – EU adopts climate diplomacy plan
  2. 20 January, Brussels – EU and Norway agree to set up contact group of ambition coalition
  3. 6 March, Brussels – EU is the first major economy to adopt its intended nationally determined contribution (INDC) to the new global climate agreement
  4. 7 May, Rabat – EU and Mediterranean countries and other African countries hold first discussions on the ambition coalition
  5. 17 May, Berlin - The first meeting of the ambition coalition takes place back to back to the Petersberg dialogue
  6. 2 June, Rabat – EU and Morocco agree to reach out to more African countries and organise an INDC Forum in Rabat
  7. 8 September – EU in the Pacific forging an alliance with the countries of the region
  8. 28 September, New York – AOSIS agrees to join forces and push for ambition
  9. 8 October, Rabat – European Commission co-organises INDC Forum in Morocco to show ambition
  10. 3 November, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil on board!