Fet2rin last workshop of the training session- pitching in front of investors

The third, and the last workshop in the second edition of fet2rin training, took place on the 27th and 28th of April at @EUBIC premises in the frame of @Fet2rin, gathering #FET project participants coming from @LuminousEU @Abiomater, @FutureAgric and #Amadeus.


  1. For the past 3 months, #FETproject participants have undergone an intensive training with a goal to redefine their projects' plans and presentations to match customer needs, obtain funding, and have a social impact. In this workshop, the participants had to pitch in front of real investors, coming from Business Angels networks and crowdfunding organisations.
  2. All was ready for @LuminousEU @ABIOMATER @FutureAgric and #AMADEUS to show what they've learnt during the previous workshops!
  3. Day 1 - Dario Mazzella, (@DarioMazzella), project manager @META_Group, set the scene for the workshop by introducing the topic of investment readiness.
  4. The #FET project participants had the chance to learn more about the financial support available to help them push their innovative projects to the market: sweat equity, FFF (friends, family, and fools), business angels, and early stage funds.
  5. The participants also learnt what an investor wants to see when investing in a project: #TRACTION.
  6. After introducing investment readiness and different sources of financing, to make sure the participants have gained full understanding of how mature their project is in terms of financial support, the mentors provided additional tutoring in an open discussion and feedback session with the particpants.
  7. After the intense topics, time for some delicious lunch and networking!
  8. Right after the lunch break, Natalie Jonk (@nataliejonk), founder of crowdfunding science platform, Crowd.Science (@CrowdScience_), and Irene Todera, Marketing Manager at the European Crowdfunding (@eurocrowd ), prepared a group exercise for the participants to help them create a crowdfunding campaign for their projects.
  9. The participants had an interesting task - to write their project's story for a crowdfunding platform.
  10. To enhance participants' learning process, Natalie Jonk presented some key "dos and don'ts" of reaching the target audiences.
  11. Each target audience needs the most appropriate communication channel. Irene Todera presented the different tools (social media, e-mailing, etc) that might be useful to reach the target audience. Bear in mind though: not all channels will work the same for your projects.
  12. Now it's time again to put the theory into practice!