Open Ecosystems for Innovation

The annual gathering of professionals in the innovation and entrepreneurship sphere, was jointly organised by EBN, Retis, EU|BIC Val d’Oise Technopole and Agoranov, from July 5 to 7 in Enghien-les-Bains (France).


  1. 600 plus came from different parts of the world to share knowledge with their peers.
  2. Plenty of activities on Wednesday 5 July, from SIG meetings, to 1-to-1 speed dating among FET projects @Fet2rin and @fetfx_eu
  3. Official Opening of the Congress with @PatValverde kicking off as President of @EUBIC and @RetisInnovation, as well as @B_Chkroun and Philippe Sueur
  4. Before enjoying our leisure time, @ACCET_VOT and @CollierEDO signed an agreement for future #cooperation
  5. Time to enjoy the nice weather outside and grab a glass of wine or champagne; the welcome cocktail has started
  6. Pétanque competition
  7. Everybody wanted to say they were in @EnghienlesBains for the #EBNCongress #Retiscongres
  8. The moderator of the whole congress, Peter Woodward (@decten1) kicked off the 26th #EBNCongress