The #EDU130 Hunger Games

Friday 10th July 2015 saw four motley crews represent their Panem districts in the Falmouth PGCHE's own adaptation of the Hunger Games.


  1. The story unfurled in District 1.; players had to recover a set of prizes that had been secreted around campus in 45 minutes by communicating from the District 1 HQ to the arena. An easy game of hide and seek perhaps?

    Not quite so, as dictatorial, but ultimately fictitious Capitol President, Professor Snow had prohibited communication by phone call or text message, punishable by electrocution and elimination from the games. Players could only make use of mobile apps and technologies to communicate progress.

  2. The teams huddled together to pick the apps and decide who would go into the arena and who would stay at HQ and organise. Would the mobile technologies and the wireless infrastructure hold up to the test? Who would retrieve the wafer thin ham? Who would survive The #EDU130 Hunger games?
  3. Not content with the restrictions on names from the Capitol, some teams took on their own identities; District 8, District 11, 'The Spiders' and the terror inducing 'Prawns'.
  4. The stage was set, the players entered the game arena armed with their mobile weapons.
  5. The imaginary klaxon sounded, the pictures of the prizes were released and we were go! May the odds be ever in your favour!
  6. Within the space of 3 minutes, the Prawns had captured the first tasty prize from The Falmouth Performance Centre. Were they the born and bread winners?
  7. They were certainly proud that they had cornered their quarry...
  8. But was their haste going to be their undoing? Diana Laurillard's tome on Use of Educational Technology was the clue...
  9. But in the words of Roy Walker...
  10. It was the wafer thin ham, that complimented the bread and fit snugly into the text on Ed. Tech.
  11. Panic set in at HQ. The Prawns had to be stopped, but at what cost?