The #EDU130 Hunger Games

The EDU130 module forms part of the PGCHE at Falmouth University. The focus is on Learning Environments and Technologies and this year we looked at Digital Capabilities and Student Expectation on Technology as the Penryn campus became the Hunger Games arena.


  1. People testing out mobile technologies and tweeting via the District1 account.
  2. Out in the Arena, our players await instruction
  3. The photo clues are given to the team members back at HQ. Their job is to communicate the information to the players in the arena using anything but phone calls and SMS, which have been banned by Capitol President Professor Snow.
  4. The first item is found in the concrete University logo.
  5. Another item found in the media stores.
  6. The jam is found amongst the fallen tree trunks.
  7. And the waffer thin ham in the University Library
  8. An intervention means the ham changes hands!