Online Learning

Online learning also referred to as e-learning is a type of distance education. On-line learning consists of courses offered or delivered over the internet which can be accessed through a computer with a web-browser. It is based on the learning theories of Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism.


  1. Learning theories support online learning.
  2. In the 1970s, remote classes used VHS recordings and closed-circuit TV to accommodate working students; this was followed by online courses. 
  3. Classes went from recordings to online courses.
  4. "Anyone headed to campus these days should get set for 'a blended experience,' says David Leebron, president of Rice University and an advocate of online learning. 
  5. The Basics of Blended Learning
  6. With the many benefits online learning offers such as saving money, saving time, offering flexibility, receiving CEU and college credit, creating excitement about learning, etc.  Is it really the way to go ?
  7. Yet online learning has become so mainstream that it has earned the subject of rankings.
  8. And, can it help us to close the achievement gap?
  9. Online Learning is here to stay and its got big visions!