LMS - Learning Management System

"The importance of understanding LMS as well as it related technologies lies in the role it will play in future approaches to instruction as the needs of today's learners are not being met by current approaches." (Watson, 2007)


  1.  "Over the past decade or so, powerful software for managing complex databases has been combined with digital frameworks for managing curriculum, training materials, and evaluation tools. The result is a technology known as the Learning Management System (LMS). Already a nearly billion-dollar industry."
  2. New Zealand is using it.
  3. And places in Europe.
  4. Where is it used in the US ?
  5. How about in Education ?
  6. There is a need for us as educators to move away from the" Industrial Age" approach of teaching and works towards an "Information Age" so students can achieve mastery with a customized pace and sequencing of instruction.
  7. Studies of the implementation and effectiveness of LMS and their use in the education system still requires further research. However, "It is important to keep an eye on the need's of today's learners and how technology can be maximized to best meet those needs and to conduct research to help guide decisions and future applications of technology." (Watson, 2007) 
  8. But until then, How can we best use our LMS systems ?