Internships Gain Popularity in Schools and Hollywood

Internships can provide real world experience for students who are looking to explore or increase thier knowledge and skills in a particular field or position. Internships essentially allow students to take what they have learned inside the classroom and apply it outside of the classroom.


  1. One such institution that offers academics along with internships is High Tech Hich which "began in 2000 as a single charter high school launched by a coalition of San Diego business leaders and educators. It has evolved into an integrated network of schools spanning grades K-12, housing a comprehensive teacher certification program and a new, innovative Graduate School of Education".
  2. Not only are internships beneficial to students interested in learning more about a particular profession, craft or trade, but also beneficial to those students who mentally check out of school after check receiving college acceptances,
  3.  as well as those students who cant afford to or do not intend to go to college but want to join the workforce.
  4. Internships dont just benefit students, they are good for for many others.
  5. Why Internships Are Good
  6. Internships Rock!!!
  7. I think internships have traditionally been seen as or connected to colleges and technical high schools. 
  8. Yet there are internships in a variety of settings and professions. Most of what I have read about online dealt with Science, Technology, Business, and the Medical Field, to name only a few. 
  9. So what about those interested in the Arts ? 
  10. Internships are becoming more and more popular as part of the curriculum for high school and even middle school students. Some internships are paid and some not, but the expereince the student receives is incredibly valuable. The popularity of internships has become so mainstream that actors Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn play salesmen whose careers have been crushed by the digital world. In an effort to prove themselves worthy they talk thier way into the coveted google internship program and compete with young digitally savvy college students in order to redeem themselves.  
  11. The Internship - Official Trailer (HD)