Distance Learning

Distance Learning is growing at a rapid rate in the United States. It is being used for corporate training as well as being implemented into our K-12 schools and many universities. It has been in existence since the 18th Century. So what exactly is Distance Learning ?


  1. "USDLA defines distance learning as the acquisition of knowledge and skills through mediated information and instruction. Distance learning encompasses all technologies and supports the pursuit of life long learning for all. Distance learning is used in all areas of education including Pre-K through grade 12, higher education, home school education, continuing education, corporate training, military and government training, and telemedicine."
  2. Teaching shorthand via the Boston Gazette in 1728 gives us evidence of the first types of distance learning. Even Benjamin Franklin's Junto Society was based off of the same concept of "independent learning".

  3. The first Curriculums for distance learning schools were meant to help the common man/woman to access vocational education and farming skills.
  4. And with the staggering 10% to 15% rise per year in the cost of education, distance learning can provide access to those in society who may not be able to attend a college or university in the traditional way.
  5. But, how effective is Distance Education ?
  6. Research shows " no significant difference" between the effectiveness of distance learning to face-to-face instruction. (Saba, 2011)  http://distance-educator.com/wp-content/uploads/ET-article-Saba-11-12-2011.pdf 
  7. Is it a one size fits all type of education ? Or does it offer adaptive ways of teaching
    and learning ?
  8. What does distance learning mean for teachers? Will they be replaced by computers ? 
  9. Lastly, distance learning is here to stay. And its promise is believed to hinge on 2 factors: established institution's ability to adapt to the post-industrial environment and public officials & government representatives succeeding in lowering the cost of education while increasing the access to it. (Saba, 2011)  http://distance-educator.com/wp-content/uploads/ET-article-Saba-11-12-2011.pdf