Its ALL about the MINDSET

I was first introduced to the idea of mindsets when my son's high school principal handed me a copy of Carol Dweck's book, mindset THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS.


  1. After reading just a few pages I was hooked! The examples and studies were very intriguing to me. So I decided to amuse myself  a litle and use the word"mindset" in conversation, when appropriate, to see how many people around me caught on to what I was referring to. A few were signaled when they heard the word and our consersation quickly turned to the book and Carol Dweck.
  2. I think I talked about the book so much it became contagious. My coworkers decided to choose it as thier book study topic for a course assignment at Southern Connecticut State University.
  3. If studies show that character is formed by threee years of age, does that conflict with the mindset theory ?
  4. And, can a person really learn to have a growth mindset ? Ben Marcovitz, founder of Sci Academy, beleives " its  never too late to turn your entire trajectory around". He promotes the idea of growth mindset with the students who attend his schools. Additionally, he believes that time and effort play a large role in a students academic acheivement. 
  5. A school that keeps learning - Part 3: Growth mindset
  6. Is there a difference between the mindsets of boys and girls? Carol Dweck candidly talks about theses differences. 
  7. Dr. Dweck on the Differences Between Boys and Girls Mindsets
  8. Girls at Laurel School are taught to adpot a growth mindset.
  9. Does mind-set make a difference in a student's math and science acheivement?
  10. If a growth mindset can be taught , then what does that mean when learning a second laguage ? Is it true that we can still learn as adults or are kids better learners ? 
  11. Can we apply this growth mindset idea in the area of sports? 
  12. Or to the arts ? What type of mindset did Leonardo Da Vinci have?
  13. Can we create more students with a genius mindset if we foster this idea of  growth mindset?
  14. Genius or not, what's your mindset?