3D's of the Week - Deeper Learning, Differentiation, Diversity

This week's #DLMOOC had us examine planning and learning in order to provide Deeper Learning for a wide range of students. In addition we were to think about design, and support for all students.


  1. DLMOOC Week 5 Panel Discussion: Deeper Learning for a Wide Range of Learners
  2. The panel of educators who spoke about "Deeper Learning for ALL" gave us some great insight into how they view deeper learning and how it is promoted in their school settings. Ron Berger as well as other panelists offered ways and ideas for  including  and engaging learners at ALL levels into Projects, Tasks, and Classroom Discussion.

  3. What resonated for me as well was that deeper learning requires planning. Thabitit Brown from Boston's Codman Academy Charter School and Rosemery Miliscewski from Flushing Intermediate High talked about their school's extended schedules and collaborative meeting times for teachers.  Look below for a "snapshot" of how Chris Anderson designs his plans for deeper learning using the 21st Century four C's.
  4. In order for Deeper Learning to occur we want teachers who are thoughtful and effective in designing and delivering instruction so that it raises student achievement. “The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers” (McKinsey & Company, 2007). ASCD offers an approach teachers  can follow in order to include the elements of  "strategic teaching" .
  5. There was also discussion in the #DLMOOC about regularly scheduled time for conferencing with students. 
  6. Deeper learning for ALL doesn't just require thoughtful planning and teacher and student collaboration, teachers need to have an understanding of their audience or rather the students that they teach. 
  7. Lisa Delpit, educator, author, and mother is passionate about teachers and educators knowing who their students are, where they come from, and the skill set they bring to school. Her focus group is African American children and the state of devastation Louisiana's schools are in. Her motivation to speak out  is fueled by the anger she feels in regard to the public school system. For a short summary and message of her book, "Multiplication is for White People" view below.
  8. Multiplication is for White People
  9. Although with a very different approach yet very emotional speech, Bill Cosby spoke out about his view of education, african americans and white people.   
  10. As an educator in a suburban district I too feel the emotion, the urgency, and the challenge of teaching students of low socioeconomic backgrounds. The statistics of inequality among certain groups of students in the US are staggering and they impact a child's learning.  
  11. There is a call for ALL teachers to help close the achievement gap and I feel part of that responsibility is on me as well. Therefore I believe ALL students should be equipped with the competencies that they will need to succeed in higher education, earn wages that will support a family, and participate fully as citizens in the new century. "To increase the achievement levels of minority and low-income students, we need to focus on what really matters: high standards, a challenging curriculum, and good teachers."