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Early Modern Paratexts 2013 Highlights: Tweets

A summary of the day's events as presented on Twitter - messages posted from the official conference account, attendees' accounts, and contributions from other scholars. Trending via #paratext #paratexts


  1. Last minute adjustments to our schedule - unfortunately Bláithín Hurley was unable to attend. Dr Andy Kesson (University of Kent) stepped in and saved the day, providing a paper and answering questions via Skype. Dr Katherine Hunt (Birkbeck College, London) also attended by Skype for her paper on 'Shuffled Knowledge: Text and Paratext in Early Modern Didactic Playing Cards. Thankfully these long distanced addresses went without a hitch and provoked some amusing pre-papers banter on Twitter:
  2. The day began with a warm welcome address from Rachel Stenner (University of Bristol) This was followed by the first panel on People of the Paratext chaired by Dr Laurence Publicover (University of Bristol). The panel consisted of two papers beginning with Dr Colm MacCrossan (Bodleian Libraries, Oxford) on 'Performing Patronage in the Headers of Richard Hakluyt's The Principal Navigations (1598-1600)'

  3. The second and final paper of the panel, 'Actors, Speakers and Personated Persons: Character Lists as Paratexts in Early Modern Plays' was delivered by Dr Tamara Atkin (Queen Mary, London) and Dr Emma Smith (Hertford College, Oxford)

  4. An issue that soon emerged, and would be raised again through the course of the conference, was the limitations of EEBO.

  5. Only two papers in and the conference was already attracting avid followers:
  6. Following coffee we had our next two panels:

    Panel 2 - Prefacing the Text 
    Chaired by Elsa Hammond (University of Bristol)

    Dr Ben Crabstick - ''I shall deserve of the age': Humphrey Moseley and the Publisher's Preface'

    Dr Harriet Archer (Newcastle University) - 'Rewriting History: The Unstable Texts and Paratexts of John Higgins' Mirror for Magistrates (1574-1587)'

    Dr Harry Newman (University of Kent) - '[M]y intentions herein are honest and iust': Prefacing Printed Gynaecological and Obstetrical Texts in Early Modern England'

    Panel 3 - And another thing...
    Chaired by Dr Lucy Razzall (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)

    Dr Tom Charlton (University of Stirling) - 'Place these three Letters as marked': the Reliquiae Baxterianae, Interpolation and Paratext'

    Dr Peter Auger (University of Oxford) - 'Printed Marginalia as Punctuation'

    Martina Pranic (Free University Berlin) - 'The Meaning in the Paratext: Changing Perspectives on Marin Držić's Conspiratorial Episode'