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WiFi Radiation Protection Solutions

Wireless communications technology is everywhere, not only in workplaces but in most homes. The wifi router communicates with the devices in its network via microwave frequencies, which experts fear pose a health risk over time. Here are things you can do to lessen the impact of wireless radiation.


  1. WiFi Radiation Protection
    WiFi Radiation Protection
  2. 1. EarthCalm Infinity Home System - Wifi Router Radiation Protection

    If you have router in your home, this is your best solution. The Infinity Home System transforms the microwave frequencies into a beneficial field by grounding it to the earth's natural electromagnetic field. This dissipates the disruptive currents and accompanying stress from your biofield. All the other devices that are connected to the router, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and others, will also be protected. Learn more

    Here's a testimonial from a customer:
    “I was given the EarthCalm Infinity Home System to test; and a week after I installed it, I took my blood pressure, which has been averaging 140/88 (on medications) and 160′s/90′s (off meds), with intermittently higher readings. I thought the machine was experiencing an error when it measured my BP at 115/78. I haven’t seen such a low reading for several years!
    BH, MD, Austin TX
  3. Watch EarthCalm inventor, Jean Gallick (who is an electrosensitive herself), describe how the EarthCalm Infinity Home Protection works.
  4. Jeanne Gallick describes new Infinity Home System
  5. 2. Earthcalm Torus - Wireless Devices Radiation Protection

    If you are at home, using the Omega WiFi mentioned above will provide you the protection you need when using your laptop, tablet or other device. Outside of your home, however, you will need to have some kind of protective technology that will protect you when using your device with wireless connectivity outside of your control. The Torus is a simple solution that you attach to your device in order to neutralize the harmful effects of wireless radiation.

    User testimonial:
    “I couldn’t believe the difference in using the Torus on my laptop–my constant headaches every time I’d sit down at my computer have just disappeared!”
    ~Harmony E., CA
  6. 3. Earthcalm Nova Resonator Pendant - Your Personal EMF Protection

    The Nova Resonator Pendant is a personal protection device that you wear around your neck just like any other piece of jewelry, but that has a powerful technology to protect your biofield from the damaging effects of EMF and wireless radiation from any source. This is a wonderful and, we would say, essential strategy as you don't have to worry about whether or not you are safeguarded. You can be at your home, office, or anywhere in between, and you will have your own EMF "bodyguard", so to speak, to keep the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields at bay. Learn more

    Customer feedback about the Nova Resonator:
    "You gave me my life back!! I can go anywhere I want again. The pendant just changed my life. Before the pendant I used to have to sit in a park for hours every day and could not go anywhere. I couldn’t use the oven, open the refrigerator, have any lights on or watch TV. Now I can go anywhere, watch TV, cook and be in my house. Thank you so much."
    ~Dorothy, Mississippi
    Read more testimonials

    Watch an overview about the Earthcalm pendant below. It also includes an amazing video testimonial from a long-time sufferer who have found relief from the Earthcalm pendant after years of searching for a solution to her health problems.
  7. Best EMF Protection Device - EarthCalm EMF Pendant
  8. We hope you found the information in this article helpful. Whatever you do, get started now in implementing some kind of precautionary measure to safeguard yourself and your family from the potential dangers of wireless radiation. Chronic stress is the most common cause of health problems in today's society, and electromagnetic radiation is an invisible and ever-present contributor to that stress.
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