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EMF Pendant Reviews: Best Personal EMF Protection?

SCROLL DOWN below for the best EMF protection pendants/necklaces based on our personal evaluation, customer reviews and independent tests.


  1. Personal electromagnetic field (EMF) protection in the form of EMF pendants or necklaces is probably the best and most popular safeguard against the wired and wireless sources of ionizing radiation. The following are the top-rated pendants based on our personal evaluation, customer reviews and independent tests.
  2. EarthCalm EMF Pendant: Nova Resonator

    Our top choice for body-worn EMF protective device, the EarthCalm pendant will help ground your bioenergy field into the earth's electromagnetic field, which is the natural home to the bioenergetic processes of the human body. It effectively removes the harmful currents that tend to accumulate in the bioenergy field due to ongoing exposure to the electromagnetic radiation of all kinds - ELF, microwave and radio waves, etc. The EarthCalm technology has been independently tested and certified by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC), a world-renowned authority on EMF research and testing of EMF protection devices. EarthCalm was awarded with its seal of approval.

    Watch the video testimonial of a lady who had a remarkable healing recovery and healing upon using the EarthCalm pendant.
  3. Best EMF Protection Device - EarthCalm EMF Pendant
  4. More user reviews of the EarthCalm EMF Protection Pendant:

    “Since I have worn the Resonator I have not been sick. I work in the printing industry with all the toxic smells and noisy equipment and sit in front of a computer all day with a headset on all day and listen to satellite radio too. I used to be sick all the time with chronic sinus infections and bad headaches ALL THE TIME. No more!“
    Devida D.

    “I just started wearing the Resonator. All I can say is WOW! I have been wearing EMF protection jewelry for many years. Many of them improved various conditions. Your product is the strongest of any other product I have tried.”
    Lindee A., TX

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    Learn more about the EarthCalm Nova Resonator Pendant
  5. Qlink EMF Protection Pendants

    The Qlink series of pendants is another excellent line of EMF protection devices on the market. Powered by Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), the Qlink technology was developed with the help of Stanford University scientiists. The Qlink pendant has gone thorugh numerous independent clinical tests that validate its claims, and thousands of users worldwide, including famous athletes and celebrities, attest to its effectiveness.

    Watch the testimonials from Qlink users below.
  6. Q-Link (Qlink) Reviews & Testimonials - EMF Protection
  7. More Qlink EMF Pendant user reviews:

    "In our world of "electric" everything.....Q-Link has found a way to protect and enhance our energy to the core. Since wearing the Q-Link consistently, we have more energy for our patients, a calmness and a positive life focus. We have continual positive comments on our "good" energy. We see extreme changes in attitude even with our children ages 3,7, and 12 (especially!). Personally, I have recently been able to return to playing my favorite sport of tennis. Considering my age I thought those days of playing this game was finished. I again play with strength and energy that I haven't played with in many years. The aches and pains are not as noticeable either which is a great plus! I waited unfortunately to purchase my Q-Link for several months...oh how I wish that I had bought it earlier!! It has been a wonderful discovery that enhances every part of my life."
    Dr. Michael Donaldson

    "I am always wearing my Q-Link. I wear it all day long, to bed, for traveling in planes, during seminars and during all types of performances. Q-Link is especially helpful to me in highly stressful situations such as television appearances and recording environments. If you want to generally feel better, sing better, perform better and live better, then check out Q-Link!"
    Jaime Vendera, Author and Vocal Coach to Bands & Performers Worldwide

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