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Kanye West, Taylor Swift with a splash of lyrical tweeting

At midnight last night, Kanye West released his fifth disc "Yeezus." Yes, it sounds just like it reads. Jesus with a "Z." In a matter of hours, the rapper's LP has received the most downloads -- worldwide.


  1. Above is a picture the album's cover art. What do you think about it?
  2. Kanye fans and foes took to the Net after the disc's release to hear him out. Here's what his supporters had to say.
  3. And, of course, there were those who flat out didn't like the tracks.
  4. Hold up, hold up, hold up ... Stop! 
    We're going to interrupt this regularly scheduled message for a little taste of Taylor Swift. Because we all know Kanye is way to familiar with cutting people off. Peep the video just in case you've forgotten.
  5. kanye west ruins taylor swifts vma speech actual video
  6. Speaking of Taylor Swift...

    Clara Beyer, a rising senior at Brown University, created a parody Twitter account, @FeministTSwift, for Taylor Swift that uses the 140-character platform to post messages with partial song lyrics from the "feeling 22" artist. The account comes off as a comedic feminist movement and is positioned against Swift's known ability to shy away from anything feministic. 
  7. Here are few tweets from the account: 
  8. As if lyrically infused tweets weren't enough, someone has also created a feminist Twitter account for, guess who? Kanye, himself! Now if that isn't funny I don't know what is. 
    Instead of simply writing tweets as lyrics, the puppet behind this account shares messages that appear to be screaming at you. They're written in ALL CAPS.
  9. Three words: We warned you.