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Reactions to Justin Bieber's remix of Michael Jackson's "Slave to the Rhythm"


  1. Bieber's tweets from today about Michael Jackson: 
  2. Now, wouldn't those tweets make you believe that he produced the song. Or do you think it was just perfect timing? 
  3. Local tweets about the song: 
  4. And, most importantly ... fan-made memes! 
  5. . Slave to the rhythm by Michael Jackson featuring Justin Bieber 👍 link my bio 👏 #slavetotherhythm #michaeljackson #justinbieber #fangirl
  6. From the sound of that long gasp, it looks like this fangirl may just need an inhaler. Be careful now!
  7. From the looks of it, Beliebers could care less about Bieber's involvement with the song. As long as they're served great music with his voice on the track, they're fine.