Hoosiers share Father's Day love

Proud Hoosiers shared pictures, blog posts and more on social media in honor of their dad. To reflect on how they celebrated, we compiled tweets posted throughout the day. Take a look!

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  1. #fathersday#love#dads Happy Father's Day to all the good dads!!! I know quite a few  http://instagram.com/p/anrCjJPlJH/ PlJH/
  2. Fun fact before the photo fun. Did you know that the YMCA started Father's Day? 
  3. Now, get ready for the irresistible father-daughter and father-son photos!
  4. DAD A son's first hero, A daughter's first love. I absolutely love and adore my father!! Happy…  http://instagram.com/p/anqabmk9wa/ k9wa/
  5. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Papa Luke! You've always supported me no matter what I do (at the polar plunge a…  http://instagram.com/p/anvqTWA1hL/ A1hL/
  6. No one gets to them without go through HIM! Happy Father's Day, my love. You are more than the…  http://instagram.com/p/anyfIZqvnu/ qvnu/
  7. I have to do a Father's Day post about the love of my life, my rock, my ace, my husband @Tdrumz . Tahj…  http://instagram.com/p/anuoAcGjTT/ GjTT/
  8. Happy Father's Day, Papa Bear! Man, I love this old man. @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway  http://instagram.com/p/anyt1MmM5U/ mM5U/
  9. Happy Father's Day to the most amazing guy I know! He has given me the world & more. I love you dad!  http://instagram.com/p/annuJeIPSo/ IPSo/
  10. Some father's even responded to the Father's Day hype.
  11. For children whose father is deceased, they reflected on what their dad meant to them.
  12. Didn't get to this one yesterday. Happy Father's Day to my dad! You are loved and greatly missed!…  http://instagram.com/p/aqP_WwTJQR/ TJQR/
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